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Funke’s outdoor antennas are made of high quality materials, which make them withstand all types of weather conditions. With their compact and trendy design, they can be installed on the outside of any building. The Funke outdoor antennas can also be used on campsites or at sea. Forests, mountains or tall buildings: no matter what environmental factors you’re dealing with, they ensure a high-end reception of digital television.

In addition, our outdoor antennas guarantee maximum ease of use: they are maintenance-free, waterproof, UV-resistant and easy to install. The Funke outdoor antennas are designed to operate with a minimum of power consumption but they still deliver maximum performance!

All Funke outdoor antennas have been provided with Funke’s LTE INERT Technology, they comply with current market standards and they are Ultra HD and 3DTV compatible plus suitable for any digital network (e.g. DVB and ISDB).

The Funke DSC310 is the original and first shark-fin compact outdoor antenna for digital TV signal reception.
Coming soon!
The Funke ODSC100-Plus is specially developed for the best outdoor reception of digital terrestrial television signals.
The Funke YagiNX brings the trusted and proven concept of the yagi antenna to the 21st century.
The Funke YagiNX-Plus is the latest development within Funke’s new generation of Yagi antennas. This new product has been developed for providing you with a double performance and directivity levels.