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Our automotive solutions allow you to watch digital TV on the road. You can enjoy digital TV or DAB – digital radio – while driving on the highway, without any interference or other unwanted effects. Our automotive antenna solutions provide a unique combination of ground-breaking technologies. Thanks to our many years of experience in developing these products and extensive product tests, we can ensure maximum performance in this innovative industry.

Our automotive antenna solutions are low power consuming, Ultra HD and 3DTV-compatible. These antennas have been specially designed to comply with the requirements and wishes of the automotive industry.

The exceptional technology applied to the Funke ADSC410 makes possible to watch digital TV while you are on the move.
The Funke ADSC710 is Funke Digital TV's newest antenna for reception of DAB/DAB+ signals. Listening to digital radio is easy with this new antenna that adds new features to the successful concepts of Funke's ADSC600 and ADSC700. The ADSC710 has been developed thinking not only in guaranteeing a better performance but also a user-friendly installation and a much better look-and-feel. Let's get digital: more channels & better reception.