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In order to provide TV viewers with the best possible antenna solution, Funke has developed a new series of products that integrate the 4G LTE INERT Technology. These new antennas and filters are meant to guarantee a continuous TV signal reception free of 4G LTE interference.

Before introducing our new antenna solutions, with integrated 4G LTE INERT Technology, we believe to be wise to first explain what the 4G LTE actually is and how it can affect your TV signal reception, and as a consequence, the picture on your TV screen.

Over the past decade, a higher global internet penetration rate and the worldwide introduction of new technologies have driven exponential growth in the use of new forms of communication such as smartphones, tablets and other similar products, resulting in voracious demand for more and more mobile data traffic. This trend seems to be growing steadily with no sign of a decrease in the near future.

LTE (Long Term Evolution), also known as 4G, is the result of that ever increasing demand for faster and more efficient mobile internet access. It not only offers faster internet access. Following from the similarly increasing demand for portability, LTE technology enables its users to watch TV at any time and in any place. It is an opportunity that telecommunications operators have been anticipating. However, such a technological development poses a challenge for the traditional broadcasting industry.