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Funke CEO appointed as Chairman of DVB-PCM
During the IBC 2018 in Amsterdam, the DVB Project Office announced that Stan Baaijens, CEO of Funke Digital TV, will be the new Chairman of the PCM Module. He replaced Helmut Stein who had chaired the PCM since a very long time.
Mr. Stan Baaijens, also elected as Steering Board member of DVB since November 2015, will represent CE manufacturers within DVB and will strongly support the interest of CE manufacturers for Digital TV products by making use of his market knowledge and extensive network. Together with other DVB members and groups, in a good teamwork spirit, the PCM will execute the DVB strategy in favour of the implementation and information of the various standards.
The Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB) is an industry-led consortium of about 165+ broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers, regulators and others from around the world committed to designing open interoperable technical standards for the global delivery of digital media and broadcast services.
DVB's Promotions & Communications Module (PCM) is responsible for the external relations of the DVB Project as well as some aspects of internal communications, like: 
-           Trade shows
-           Conferences, including DVB World annually held in March
-           DVB websites
-           Press Releases
-           Local workshops all around the world
Mr. Stan Baaijens feels very honoured for having received this recognition and he proudly accepted the appointment of Chairman of the DVB-PCM Module. On his words he will work to the best of his abilities to make of DVB a further successful organization! After the election Stan has thanked the DVB members for their confidence in Funke.
Should you be interested in DVB or even a DVB membership with the many activities DVB develops and carries out, then please visit their website www.dvb.org.  
The Funke Team
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