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Funke Digital TV
Funke Digital TV has a great tradition of innovation in the field of TV signal reception. Our innovative character in the antenna field, our experience and flexibility are valued qualities in the dynamic market of digital television. We are the right partner when looking for high-end DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) antenna solutions.
Whether you choose one of our current products or an innovative, customized antenna solution, our antennas guarantee the best TV signal reception what gets translated into satisfied TV viewers enjoying crystal-clear picture.
At Funke Digital TV our motto is ‘Together, clearly the best’ and this means offering antenna products of the highest quality, a constant drive to innovate, always looking for new opportunities and constantly building stable working relationships with our partners. 
Yet, Funke Digital TV is more than just an antenna manufacturer. We have become a source of knowledge in the field of antenna technology; an authority in TV signal reception. This knowledge we want to share with our partners and at the same time, by doing this, we also want to create awareness on the importance of having a high quality antenna for ensuring TV content to reach the TV viewer. 
On our website you can read all about what motivates us to keep innovating and creating the best antenna solutions for DTT signal reception.
If you are looking for an innovative sparring partner in the DTT signal reception field, customized advice, or if you would like to receive more information first, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!
Funke CEO appointed as Chairman of DVB-PCM
Funke @ IBC2017: Celebration 60 years of innovation & knowledge
The IBC trade show is the premier annual event for professionals of the broadcasting industry and it will open its doors from the 14th to the 19th of September.
In preparation for the upcoming developments, Funke Digital TV has developed a new DAB+ automotive antenna. Tested across Europe; the Funke ADSC710 has proved to outperform other antennas, offering a continuous performance and clear reception even in locations known for their difficult signal reception.
Funke is the brand for professionals in the digital television market, representing state-of-the-art technologies, security for our customers and custom solutions.
The Funke FUN range provides user-friendly, high-quality solutions at excellent prices.
If you decide to work for us, you will find that we’re a relaxed, informal organisation with direct lines of communication.
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