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Funke Digital TV
Funke Digital TV will continue as Funke Consultancy with research, development & consultancy activities as per 1 July 2020
Since 1957, Funke had a great tradition of innovation in the field of TV signal reception. Our innovative character in the antenna field, our experience and flexibility were valued qualities in the dynamic market of digital television. We have always been the right partner when looking for high-end DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) antenna solutions.  
Whether you chose one of our current products or an innovative, customized antenna solution, our antennas always guaranteed the best TV signal reception what got translated into satisfied TV viewers enjoying crystal-clear picture.
At Funke our motto was always ‘Together, clearly the best’ which meant offering antenna products of the highest quality, a constant drive to innovate, always looking for new opportunities and constantly building stable working relationships with our partners. 
Funke became a source of knowledge in the field of antenna technology and even an authority in TV signal reception. We shared this knowledge with our partners and at the same time, by doing this, we also created awareness on the importance of having a high quality antenna for ensuring TV content to reach the TV viewer. 
Funke, being worldwide active, has been severely affected by the economic consequences of the corona virus. A huge demand for regular sales and our worldwide projects in the countries where Funke operates have been "put on hold".
Stan Baaijens, the owner of the 63 years old company, said he had to take the “difficult decision” as a result of changes in consumer behaviour and further delay of a lot of worldwide projects due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Reason why the Mr Stan Baaijens decided to close down Funke‘s production and assembly facilities.
Funke Digital TV will continue as Funke Consultancy with Research, Development & Consultancy.
Drake & Farrell, based in Holland, has taken over Funke’s production and assembly facilities but the owner of Funke, Mr Stan Baaijens will continue with a small team to handle all research, development and worldwide consultancy aspects.
On this website you can read all about what motivated us to keep innovating and creating the best antenna solutions for DTT signal reception, which will now be produced and assembled by Drake & Farrell.
If you are looking for an innovative consultancy sparring partner in the DTT / DAB signal reception field, customized advice and R&D experience, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!
DTT video: a success story!
This video showcases the key role played by World Radio Conferences to provide the legal certainty so that DTT can continue to provide great value to society and constantly innovate.
Cutting through the 5G hype
There’s a lot of hype around 5G, but it’s unclear what will actually be possible with the next-generation cellular mobile system. Among the many trials and tests, perhaps of most interest to the TV industry are the ones looking at mass delivery of video content. Whether using multicast or some sort of broadcast mode, there is a need for a scalable and efficient solution for large-scale delivery of media services.
Funke was present at DVB World 2019 in Dublin
DVB World is the biggest annual gathering dedicated to DVB standards, services and technology. With more than 200 delegates from around the world representing broadcasters, service providers, manufacturers, policymakers and researchers, it is a rare opportunity to access authoritative analysis and informed discussion rather than the commercial pitches that dominate other events. All this, and an excellent environment for networking too!
Funke is the brand for professionals in the digital television market, representing state-of-the-art technologies, security for our customers and custom solutions.
The Funke FUN range provides user-friendly, high-quality solutions at excellent prices.
If you decide to work for us, you will find that we’re a relaxed, informal organisation with direct lines of communication.
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