Funke NLTE790 in-line filter

The Funke NLTE790 in-line filter is a Plug & Play solution to watch digital TV free of 4G LTE interference. With its small size, state-of-the-art filtering and sustained performance, is a preferred choice among the in-line 4G LTE interference filters. The Funke NLTE790 in-line filter is meant for people who choose to use it together with their old existing reception equipment. This filter should be installed between the antenna and the Set-Top-Box. For the best result, the filter should preferably be placed as close as possible to the Set-Top-Box.

Technical Specifications
Preferred applications
Indoor active and passive antennas
UHF 21 - 60 (470 - 790 MHz)
Input voltage
Female and male F-connector
4G LTE Free
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