The Funke DSC250 indoor antenna is a perfect combination of stylish design and "state of the art technology". This active antenna offers you the best indoor reception of digital terrestrial television signals.

All the components used in this antenna – from the integrated filters to the shielded cables and connectors – are meant to protect your DTT signal reception. LTE signals can interrupt your TV signals reception and in order to avoid this, Funke has provided the DSC250 with its unique LTE  INERT Technology. It is an easy plug & play solution to watch digital TV at home in a carefree manner! 

Technical Specifications
Preferred applications
Indoor stationary reception
UHF 21 - 60 (470 - 790 MHz)
Input voltage
5 +/- 0,5 VDC
3.5m flexible coaxial cable with male IEC connector
Certificate of Conformity
4G LTE Free
Product card DSC250
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