You can watch TV on your smartphone, tablet or PC without the use of any cables! The Funke TV4ME creates a second TV anywhere, everywhere at home or on the go! TV4ME offers 4 hours of entertainment on a single charge, is easy to install and has an intuitive interface. You are no longer restricted by TV programming as it supplies you up to 7 days EPG with the possibility of easily recording your favourite TV show. Whenever needed, the Funke TV4ME can also charge your mobile phone’s battery. By creating its own WIFI network, you can easily connect your smart device and play back many hours of your recordings.

Technical Specifications
Preferred applications
Portable stationary DVB-T reception
VHF 5 – 12 (174 – 230 Mhz) / UHF 21 - 69 (470 - 862 MHz)
Input voltage
5 +/- 0,5 VDC
Micro USB connector
4G LTE Free
Product card TV4ME
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