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Funke was present at DVB World 2019 in Dublin
DVB World is the biggest annual gathering dedicated to DVB standards, services and technology. With more than 200 delegates from around the world representing broadcasters, service providers, manufacturers, policymakers and researchers, it is a rare opportunity to access authoritative analysis and informed discussion rather than the commercial pitches that dominate other events. All this, and an excellent environment for networking too!
On top of a conference program full of DVB related topics, DVB World 2019 offered an excellent opportunity for networking at the exhibition, during the breaks, delegate lunch and the evening event and dinner.
DVB World 2019 was featuring 8 booths next to the conference sessions. This area was filled with conference attendees before and after the conference sessions and during the coffee breaks, offering the potential to target a concentrated audience across the three days of the event.
Much of the focus at this year’s gathering, in Dublin, was on 5G, OTT and changing attitudes regarding standards development. The technologies and trends in these areas are set to have a profound impact on the TV industry. 
Funke Digital TV was involved in the organization of DVB World with its CEO, Mr Stan Baaijens, who is also Steering Board member of DVB and Chairman of the DVB Promotions & Communications Module.
Over the past decade Funke has discovered many benefits of the DVB membership: 
  • Contribute to and influence the development of new DVB technical specifications.
  • Gain an early view of specifications in development.
  • Unlimited access to all DVB working group meetings, documents and email lists.
  • Gain access to leading international industry experts through DVB meetings and events. 
  • Promote our products and services by collaborating on DVB technology demos at key exhibitions and conferences. 
  • Benefit from privileged access to new markets through DVB workshops. 
  • Gain additional exposure for our company by contributing to DVB events and publications. 
  • Take advantage of preferential rates to attend and exhibit at the annual DVB World conference.
The high standard of presentations with a wide range of interesting and challenging topics resulted in a great attendance. The program showed the great value of the DVB organisation and might have been an opportunity again for non-members to become a member.
The DVB World was taking place from March 11th till 13th, 2019 at the at the iconic Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland.
We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the next events!!
The Funke Team
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