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You might have heard that Norway has become the first country in the world to start switching off the FM radio services and replacing them by broadcasting radio in DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) quality. The switch off process started last February and will be completed by the end of the year, making the DAB+ services available to almost 2 million households all over the country. 
However, Norway is not the only country that is undergoing the process of updating its network to this new digital radio standard. Several countries across Europe, and even as far as in Australia, have started with the adoption of the DAB+ standard. Different activities around DAB+ are aiming not only to promote this new technology but also making sure that the right reception equipment is being made available to the end-consumer. 
In Germany for instance, a new law is about to be signed in order to make sure that all radio receivers have DAB+ functions; in the United Kingdom the digital tick guarantees the quality of the radio reception equipment and in the Netherlands Digital Radio Nederland is talking to the main stakeholders for making sure that the deployment of the DAB+ network becomes a success and that expectations of the radio listeners are being fulfilled.
Although, in many cases a switch off date has not been announced yet. Switzerland and Denmark seem to be the next candidates in following Norway’s lead for an FM switch off. Italy and Belgium are quite active in upgrading their radio networks and Austria and Slovenia have announced their intention to go DAB+.
Among the benefits that DAB+ offers, we can highlight the sound quality being many times better than that of FM and the radio signal not suffering of noise. Another benefit is that you only have to scan for radio channels one time, it offers access to twice as many radio stations and you can easily switch from one radio station to another. Next to this, digital radio also makes possible to not only broadcast sound but also text and images what allows for radio listeners to obtain more information while listening to their favourite radio program.
In preparation for the upcoming developments, Funke Digital TV has developed a new DAB+ automotive antenna. Tested across Europe; the Funke ADSC710 has proved to outperform other antennas, offering a continuous performance and clear reception even in locations known for their difficult signal reception. Next to this, the Funke ADSC710, is compact in size, enjoys very neat aesthetics and thanks to its transparent foil with black antenna thread it goes unnoticed when installed at the windshield. 
After reading this informative mailing you could conclude that there is a lot of going on around digital radio, you could even conclude – making little reference to a well-known song – that… DAB+ is in the air! Everywhere you go…
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