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Funke CEO speaker at the Poznań Media Expo 2014



The 6th Poznań Media Expo (PME) was the event that attracted visitors and speakers from all fields of the Polish broadcasting industry. Participating experts from several European countries were there to meet and share their own experiences and knowledge. Poznań was the scenery where KRRIT (NBC Poland) was hosting the two day conference filled with a series of interesting topics.

The topics of the conference were very dedicated to Digital Terrestrial TV and DAB with speakers from EBU, ITU and WorldDMB.

Funke Digital TV CEO, Mr Stan Baaijens was present on behalf of DigiTAG. The presentation of Mr Baaijens showed the challenges for terrestrial broadcasting which needs a cooperation of all stakeholders. Stan Baaijens did stress that decisions should be taken soonest in order to help the Polish Broadcasters to prepare themselves with possible new business models for the future.

Government, regulators, broadcasters/content providers, network operators and manufacturers should cooperate in such a way that the end consumer will be satisfied with the final solution to watch trouble free Digital Terrestrial TV.

In relation to the spectrum fight and the introduction of 4G LTE by MNO’s, the presentation showed that related problems can be solved by a new Funke inert technology, integrated in very small sophisticated antenna devices, to avoid the problems in relation to the cooperative use of the spectrum where 4G and DTT are very close to each other.

Thanks to all the knowledge acquired during this year’s conference, we have an even better picture of the needs of each market in the world and it is already working towards new TV signal reception developments.

Our business partners are a very important asset in our quest for quality and product performance excellence and that is something Funke and DigiTAG value dearly.

We are very much looking forward to see you at one of the next events!!

The Funke Team


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