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Corporate Social Responsibility
At Funke Digital TV, we like to take responsibility for our actions. We are committed to our projects and clients and always aim to achieve the best results – not just in the solutions we provide, but for the world around us as well.
Funke Digital TV aims to find the perfect balance between economic, environmental and social interests. The wellbeing of our employees and being environmentally friendly is important to us. We do this by ensuring a good future for our employees, improving and making our production processes more efficient and aiming for strong relationships with our partners.
Funke Digital TV invests in the future by pursuing a sustainable energy policy, choosing when possible for environmentally friendly materials and by making our antenna products extremely energy-efficient. 
We continue to invest in environmentally friendly processes and materials, and in other areas, too, we remain aware of the choices we make and the impact this has on our environment.
We also implement corporate social responsibility in our organization and our people. We aim for sustainable growth and a healthy market position in the future. We pursue a strong financial policy, thereby securing our company’s future, along with an effective social policy with extensive benefits for our employees. 
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