Ours is a dynamic industry in which trends are always changing. The growth of the emerging economies, the political choice of digital television (which has already been implemented in several countries), commercial changes, constant technological innovations… There are many factors that continuously result in new challenges and needs in the market.

Funke Digital TV therefore focuses continuously on the future, creating a strong and constant drive to innovate. Tapping new markets, finding new applications and making possible what currently seems impossible – that is what drives us. Do you think your goals cannot technically be achieved? Our challenge begins where your ideas end – we like to sit down with you to see how we can meet your needs in the future.

Our own R&D department plays a key role in that process, investigating, assessing and identifying new opportunities, both in technology and design.Whether you’re looking for an all-new solution or simply a customised version of an existing product, Funke Digital TV makes it possible. At Funke Digital TV innovation never exists just for the sake of it, but always has a purpose: providing our customers with better solutions.Indeed, our innovations are a way to add value for you and your customers.
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