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What we offer you
Maybe you operate in a dynamic DTT market or your local market is going through an ASO (analogue-switch-off) process. Maybe you want to implement a successful DTT business model on your local market or you want to benefit from new business opportunities offered by the latest DTT developments. No matter what you expectations are, Funke Digital TV is the sparring partner you are looking for. Funke Digital TV always delivers the right antenna solution!
In addition to our customized solutions, Funke Digital TV also provides a wide range of standardized DTT antenna solutions that allow consumers to receive digital television and digital radio (DAB).  Our products range includes among others indoor, outdoor, automotive and portable antenna solutions. 
Ours is a dynamic industry in which trends are always changing. There are many factors that continuously result in new challenges and needs in the market.
Funke Digital TV therefore focuses continuously on the future, creating a strong and constant drive to innovate. One of our main motivations is to find new applications and markets for our antenna products – and we certainly aim to make possible what currently seems impossible. Our challenge begins where your ideas end!
Our own R&D department plays a key role in that process, investigating, assessing and identifying new opportunities. Whether you are looking for an all-new solution or simply a customized version of an existing antenna product, Funke Digital TV makes it possible. 
Advice, consultancy & service
As we are motivated by the genuine need to do what is best for you, we feel it is only natural that advice forms part of our services. 
In complex processes, such as analogue switch-off projects, we act as a strategic partner from an early stage and we help you monitoring the entire process. Naturally, we are also pleased to assist you with less complex questions.
At Funke Digital TV we like to ensure that your customers can gain maximum benefit from our antenna solutions. We do this by providing the right expertise, additional information, and training. We operate on the premise that our support in this area should be comprehensible, useful and competent.
Doing business with Funke Digital TV means working together with the right partner. We enjoy creating a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere that is all about open and honest communication, teamwork and creating win-win situations.
At Funke Digital TV, we are committed to building strong partnerships. We want to create success together with you. You can always count on our flexible attitude, affordable antenna solutions and after sales assistance.
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