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Company Culture
Our tradition
With a history dating back to 1957, Funke Digital TV has proved its worth in our industry on a global level. In line with our innovative spirit, we have been one of the first creators of digital antenna solutions, what has resulted in building extensive experience and expertise.
Funke Digital TV is currently a major export company with sales operations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our identity has remained the same throughout the years: a reliable partner with whom you can do business in a relaxed environment. The tradition of our family business guarantees strong commitment, efficiency and flexibility.
Our organisation 
Funke Digital TV guarantees direct lines of communication, a non-nonsense company culture and yet an informal atmosphere.
Our organization consists of an international team of driven experts who possess detailed, extensive market knowledge. Funke Digital TV operates its very own R&D department, which creates new technological opportunities and innovative products. 
Reliability, flexibility, affordable antenna solutions and fast delivery times are characteristics which contributed to make Funke a successful family business.
Our ambitions
At Funke Digital TV, we are at the forefront of our industry. With our own in-house R&D department, we have a set of clear objectives.
Firstly, we aim to continuously create high quality antenna products. Secondly, we aim to create awareness on the importance of having the right reception equipment for distributing TV content. Last but not least, maintain our position as one of the most innovative European antenna manufacturers operating on a global scale. 
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