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Funke Digital TV
Founded in 1957 Funke Digital TV is the main Dutch manufacturer of antennas for digital TV. Still a family company, Funke Digital TV grew into one of the most important equipment manufacturers in the field of TV signal reception. We operate in more than 50 countries worldwide and we provide both the professional broadcasting industry and the retail market with our innovative antenna solutions. 
Thanks to our in-house R&D department and highly motivated Funke team, our antennas are of the highest quality and are equipped with the latest antenna technology. Next to this we also offer RF advising, the support of a sparring partner, extensive knowledge on local markets and an excellent customer oriented service.
Besides our commercial activities, Funke Digital TV gladly shares with its customers the experience and knowledge we have gained in the past 60 years. During our long history of antenna manufacturer – something unique in the antenna business – we have been involved in many projects requiring some type of antenna product or signal reception solution. Our extended experience has given us the privileged position of not only being a commercial organization but also a professional partner which can help you building the business model that fits your needs according to your wishes and characteristics of your local network.
This is precisely the reason why we are regularly invited as speakers in many broadcast events, workshops and trade shows. Funke Digital TV is in close cooperation with the main trendsetters in the field of TV signal reception; such as universities and international organizations (e.g. DVB, EBU, BNE, Ofcom, ETSI and FOBTV).
High quality, innovation, partnership and customer oriented service are the core values of Funke Digital TV. Thanks to our core values, business partners and motivated team we can proudly say: “Together Clearly the Best!”
Funke Antennen B.V.

Boseind 14
5281 RM Boxtel, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 411 672440
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