Privacy Statement
At Funke Digital TV, privacy and data protection are of paramount importance. That is why we inform you about our data processing by this privacy statement.
Goals and legal grounds
The data we use to provide you with the news mail will be treated confidentially. The e-mail address is obviously used to send you our news mail. The first name, last name and company name are used for targeted marketing purposes. By entering the data, and by agreeing, you give permission for the processing in our internal system. This permission is the legal ground for data processing. The data will not be shared with third parties. Internally, the data is saved until you do not wish it or there is no longer any marketing purpose. 
Right of inspection, rectification and removing of personal data
You are entitled to:
  • Inspect
    As data subject, you can view your processed data on request;
  • Rectify
    If the data is incorrect, it can be changed;
  • Remove
    The data is saved as long as desired. At the end of the news mail is an 'unsubscribe/delete' button. If you submit a request for deregistration here, it will be done. Please note that this can take 5-7 working days.
To use these rights you can contact us via the telephone number or e-mail address at the bottom of this statement.
Suggestions or comments?
To use the three named rights you could contact us via the telephone number or e-mail address at the bottom of this statement. This is also possible with other suggestions or comments. In addition, you can contact the Data Protection Authority in your home country with any complaints.
The privacy statement is based on the valid legal regulations.
Tel: +31 (0) 411 672440
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