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How do 4G/LTE signals affect TNT?
In the period going from 2013 till 2015, the ANFR reported 4G/LTE interferences to occur while watching Digital Terrestrial TV in 172.419 households. It is important to bear in mind that these dramatic figures were recorded while the 4G network is only at 30% of its intended capacity. 
At this moment mobile operators Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Orange are rolling out their 4G Network to serve over 31 million mobile internet users and predictions point out this number to rise by 7 million users in the coming 2 years. 
The increasing amount of 4G mobile users will generate a growing demand and exchange of mobile data. This growth in the amounts of 4G mobile users and its consequent increase in mobile data traffic, will cause for the cases of TV viewers experiencing 4G/LTE interferences while watching TV to multiply. Our experience has taught us that should interferences occur too frequently TV viewers’ level of satisfaction with how they experience watching TV will decrease leading to potential complaints or switching to other forms of watching TV.
Example: 4G/LTE interferences while watching the program “les Z’amours” at France 2.
To avoid these 4G/LTE interferences – and all its potential consequences – Funke has developed the perfect solution: 
The way this technology works is twofold. First it weakens TV reception around the 790 MHz and then it smart filters any residue of 4G/LTE signals, allowing only the TV signal to pass into the set-top-box.
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